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All the bash scripts do is execute the node instance.  You can open the files in a text editor to view the commands they are running.  To execute the SH files, just open up terminal and change to the directory you have the files in, and then run ./ in a terminal window.
You need to use debug not console.  So instead of console.warn() use debug.warn().  This is because the debug object is the one that has a callback handler that allows socketbug to intercept the command and send it back.  Switching that should get you up and running 100% ;)  For all socketbug related code, you should just stick to using the debug lib from here on out to replace your console needs.
Just swap out the with in your HTML code and it should work.  Looks like the DNS has not resolved yet for you to access it by domain name.  I just lowered the TTL to speed up this process, so perhaps in 24-48 hours it should be working world wide.  Until then, just use in your code :)
Personally don't use skype.  If you have a link to some resources/tutorials, or just want to shoot me a file, you can always hit me up at .  Thanks for the offer ;)
Actually gave this considerable consideration, but my lack of knowledge on HOW to make this happen is the limiting factor.  Figured I would focus on getting socketbug working first then revisit this.  If you want to help assist in making this happen, would totally love that ;)  Otherwise I will need to learn how to do this myself.  But right now, totally open to someone who knows how to do this to just go right ahead ;)
I used ScreenFlow.  It's pretty sweet.
Sure thing... if you want to change it yourself in the mean time (might take a bit to get committed to stable as I am waiting to commit a lot of stuff at once), you can do so here:

./client/console/js/lib/init.js ( line #29 )
I will go ahead and add a class to the level of output, but we will need to think of a way to filter the output window later.  For now though, here are the class names that will be added...

Application Debug Message Class Names:
  • app_debug_log
  • app_debug_debug
  • app_debug_info
  • app_debug_warn
  • app_debug_error

Console Debug Message Class Names:
  • con_debug_log
  • con_debug_debug
  • con_debug_info
  • con_debug_warn
  • con_debug_error