Publish it as a NPM package to make installation easier

Benjamin Lupton 9 years ago updated by Sam Elliott 9 years ago 4
Steps 2,3 and 4 here https://github.com/manifestinteractive/socketbug/wiki/Install-Server

Could be turned into one command: npm install socketbug

If you publish it as a NPM package... Thoughts?
Actually gave this considerable consideration, but my lack of knowledge on HOW to make this happen is the limiting factor.  Figured I would focus on getting socketbug working first then revisit this.  If you want to help assist in making this happen, would totally love that ;)  Otherwise I will need to learn how to do this myself.  But right now, totally open to someone who knows how to do this to just go right ahead ;)
Sure thing.

If you add me on Skype (username balupton) I can walk you through it, or I can fork it myself when I get the time :)

Personally don't use skype.  If you have a link to some resources/tutorials, or just want to shoot me a file, you can always hit me up at manifestinteractive@gmail.com .  Thanks for the offer ;)

that seems to be a good guide. I think it just involves a package.json and a little other data.