socket bug running on mac, web server is windows IIS

Jorge Zingg Jorge 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2
I installed socketbug on my Mac, I have a windows PC running as a web server for my app, the client is an iPad. 
I got all the pieces together, I connect the code to the remote host (http://myMac/ instead of localhost), I get the handshake on the socketbug server running in the Mac, I also can send remote js commands to the iPad (alerts and so on), but my main interest, to get the console logs and warnings from the pad to the socket bug console do not work. 
I can send a console.warn() from the socket bug console to be shown in the pad, but the ones in my code / in my iPad are just not shown in the console. I have not used query in my own code, can this be a reason? Any other ideas why?
You need to use debug not console.  So instead of console.warn() use debug.warn().  This is because the debug object is the one that has a callback handler that allows socketbug to intercept the command and send it back.  Switching that should get you up and running 100% ;)  For all socketbug related code, you should just stick to using the debug lib from here on out to replace your console needs.
Great, thanks, works now! Now I have the problem, when it opens in Safari it works, but as Home Screen app it does not... I'll keep trying