Add log level to console output history

John Kramlich 9 years ago updated by Manifest Interactive 9 years ago 1
Add a class name to each item in the console output history denoting the log level of that item.  This would allow filtering of the history by log level similar to Firebug; All, error, debug, etc.
I will go ahead and add a class to the level of output, but we will need to think of a way to filter the output window later.  For now though, here are the class names that will be added...

Application Debug Message Class Names:
  • app_debug_log
  • app_debug_debug
  • app_debug_info
  • app_debug_warn
  • app_debug_error

Console Debug Message Class Names:
  • con_debug_log
  • con_debug_debug
  • con_debug_info
  • con_debug_warn
  • con_debug_error