Start/Stop Socketbug

manny_v 8 years ago updated by Manifest Interactive 8 years ago 1

I just started using socketbug and I'm trying to figure out how to run the provided bash files socketbug_start.sh and socketbug_stop.sh. I have to say that I'm a complete newbie in this field and don't have a lot experience with using terminal commands. Can somebody also explain to me what's the difference between running socketbug via "node socketbug_server.js" instead of the bash files? 

Thanks a lot!

All the bash scripts do is execute the node instance.  You can open the files in a text editor to view the commands they are running.  To execute the SH files, just open up terminal and change to the directory you have the files in, and then run ./socketbug_start.sh in a terminal window.