Create a Device Manager to keep track of multiple devices in the console

John Kramlich 9 years ago 0
Create a Device Manager inside of the console that allows you to give human readable names to currently connected devices.  This can be shown as a table consisting of four columns; name, receives commands, broadcasts messages, and log level.  For each device you can decide whether that device will send messages to the console and if so, what log level to do so.  You can also choose if that device receives commands from the console.

Two commands will need to be created to identify and name each device.   

The Identify command will send a javascript alert to each connected device.  The alert message will contain the device id.  This can be then cross referenced with the table in the console.  Clicking on a row in the custom can bring up an inline editor allowing you to provide a human readable name to the device id.

The name prompt command will send a javascript prompt command requesting the name of the device.  The user can then type the name directly on the device itself.

Each message received by the console should have a class applied to it that matches the device id.  This could be used to filter the output log by device.